Current Projects

I've got some exciting work on the go...

MAY, 2018:

I'm working on as a Dramaturg on the National Arts Centre production of Up to Low, a play that I co-produced in 2015. It's been an exciting challenge to try to move a show from an intimate 100 seat theatre to the 800 seat Babs Asper Theatre at the NAC. It's a play based on the novel by Canadian author Brian Doyle.


I'm very excited to be working on a new Young Adult novel. Set in 1968 - 1969, We didn't Know the Enemy explores the intersection between the personal and the political.


Over 50,000 political refuges moved to Canada from the United States in 1968 – 1972. These draft and military evaders were resisting a war they believed was unjust. They were fleeing from imprisonment for their beliefs. They were refugees fighting for their lives, and for the lives of those who they refused to kill in South East Asia. The novel explores their choices and decisions, as well as sheds light on the very real activism of the time, an activism that advocated for the violent overthrow of a "corrupt, imperialistic government" through bombings and terrorist acts.


I am grateful for the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and The Ontario Arts Council to give me time to work on the book.