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The Pact

The Pact

ISBN 978-0-88995-544-8

 In 1939, Peter Gruber is a young boy with a booming black market business in Hamburg, Germany. Peter’s resourcefulness helps him survive crushing poverty until world events destroy everything he has ever known. Childhood is left far behind, and Peter has to survive a different kind of horror – pledging allegiance in an elite training camp for SS officers in Nazi Germany. Inspired by a true story, The Pact sheds light on indoctrination, propaganda, insidious racism and a child’s basic sense of morality.

* Nominated for 2017 SNOW WILLOW AWARD

*Listed by Amazon  as the #1 Release in Teen & Young Adult Discovery & Historical Fiction

Listed in the Canadian Children's Centre 100 Best Books for Spring, 2017

Red Deer Press 2016

Rosie Backstage
Rosie Backstage
with Tim Wynne-Jones 
Illustrated by Bill Slavin
ISBN 1-55074-209-4

Rosie Backstage is the adventure of a ten-year-old girl who learns that theatre can be even more magical than it first appears. Discover the world behind the scenes and in the spotlight -- theatre today and back when Shakespeare first made all the world a stage.

*Included as the only Canadian choice in White Ravens, 1995, Internationale Jugend Bibliotheck; Junior Fiction

Kids Can Press 1994

September 17: A Novel
September 17: A Novel

ISBN 978-0-88995-507-3

SEPTEMBER 17 is a novel based on real events. In 1940 a group of children are evacuated from England on the SS City of Benares, a requisitioned luxury liner bound for Canada. Like a floating palace, the ship carries them away from the war to new lives in the safety of a far away country. But when their ship is torpedoed in the middle of the Atlantic, their hopes and dreams are shattered.


Told from the perspective of the children, their journey becomes an adventure story of loss, survival and astonishing bravery.

*Nominated for the OLA 2015 Silver Birch Award

*Nominated for the 2014 IODE Violet Downey Award

* Nominated for the 2014 Red Cedar Award

* Listed in the Canadian Children's Centre 100 Best Books for Spring, 2014


 Red Deer Press 2014

Jumbo Book Of Paper Crafts
The Jumbo Book of Paper Crafts

Illustrated by Jane Kurisu


When paper was first invented in China over 2000 years ago it was used for cooking, wrapping, building and even making clothes. This book has hundreds of ideas for many unique paper designs. With an introduction to different kinds of paper and special folding techniques, you'll find you are soon hooked on Paper Crafts to create one-of-a-kind gifts, cards jewelry and more. 

Kids Can Press 2002

Making Memory Books
Making Memory Books

Illustrated by Esperanca Melo


A Memory Book is a place to keep old photos, ticket stubs, badges -- things that  help you to remember important events. This book shows you the fundamentals of book design and creation, so that you can make unique three dimensional art. Filled with ideas for gifts, Making Memory Books will introduce you to the world of Artist's Books in a very tactile way.

Kids Can Press 1999

Lettering: Make your own cards, signs, gifts and more

Illustrated by Esperanca Melo


What is the best lettering style to convey your message? What is the right tool to express your ideas? When is a computer just too impersonal? This book will get you using your hands and simple tools that connect you to lettering design through the ages. With lots of project ideas, you'll find your brain working in different ways as you discover the power of creating beautiful letters.

Kids Can Press  1996

Writing: A Fact and fun Book
Writing: A Fact and Fun Book

Illustrated by Heather Collins


Why do people brand cattle, sign paintings, scrawl graffiti on walls and scrape their names into wet concrete? Everyone wants to leave their mark!

Writing tracks the written word from cave art to the computer. Uncover the history of pens and pencils and make writing tools from the past. Handcraft paper, try Chinese brush writing and experiment with calligraphy. With tips from famous authors, compose a story or a play and then bind it into book form. Along the way, learn about secret codes, handwriting analysis, Braille, and much more.

Nominated for the Children's Roundtable Award for Non- Fiction Book of the Year, 1992


Kids Can Press 1992