Calligraphy & Artwork

A series of 12 pieces, excerpts from Whitman's "Leaves of Grass". The pieces were made using barn board from a barn that was built at approximately the same time that Whitman was writing. They incorporate Japanese and paste papers, grasses, leaves and other natural items.

Pieces on Paste Paper


"Paste Paper" is a paper decoration technique that uses wheat paste and dyes to strengthen and decorate paper. Originally used in books for end papers, I have found it an expressive medium to translate movement on the page.

"At the End" is a series of boxes, containing excerpts from The Four Quartets, by T.S. Elliot. I enjoy creating stage-like environments where the viewer gets only glimpses of words, an impression of a thought.

I learned calligraphy at a young age and taught at the University of Waterloo for a number of years. I made detailed studies of the history of letterform and the development of writing styles, which I wrote about in my first book for young people, Writing: A Fact and Fun Book. In my calligraphic art, I work with line, colour, texture and form to interpret words and meaning. 
Fragments of the Leaves of Grass, 2003

"Song of the Rolling Earth", with text by Walt Whitman, is a book created with barn board and paste paper that explores the sculptural nature of books.

3-dimensional pieces.‚Äč
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Amanda West Lewis 

Ottawa/Perth, Ontario, Canada