I've been a writer, an actor, director, theatre producer, director of a theatre school, a calligrapher, and a book artist.

I have a passion for words on the stage and on the page.

I grew up with books...

Doubleday Publishers 1962

At Doubleday Books in New York. I was 7 years old.

My grandmother owned a bookstore in Stratford, Ontario. I worked there in the summers, and during the days I talked to people about what books they were reading and plays they were seeing. At night I worked backstage at the theatre and fell in love with the language of Shakespeare.

In Stratford, I met Tim Wynne-Jones who loved books and theatre as much as I did. We spent all of our time together reading, writing, seeing plays, and making art. When we moved to Toronto together, he designed books and I went to theatre school. Our world was a constant exploration of ideas and how to express them.

I was brought up in a world of books and theatre in New York, Toronto, and Stratford, Ontario.

When I was young, my mother worked for Doubleday Publishers in New York. She showed me how books were edited, designed, typeset, printed and bound. When I got older, she worked as a book designer at University of Toronto Press. She invited me to take a calligraphy class with a group of designers and I fell in love with the shape of letters.

At a "Great Gatsby" party with Tim Wynne-Jones, in Stratford Ontario. I was 19 years old.

So I guess it makes sense that I’ve grown up with a passion for words on the page and words on the stage.

As a calligrapher, I work with letters and words to create visual meaning. As a theatre director, I work with words and people to create life on the stage. As I writer, I work with words to create a world on the page, a world made of letters and imagined people. What runs through everything is a physical connection to the look and the sound of words. With these elegant 26 shapes, we can express everything that the human mind is capable of thinking and feeling.

A love for letters and words is at the heart of everything I do.